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NBS Home Loans build trust with our clients and look for ongoing partnerships with our clients over the life of their loans.

We will do our utmost all day, every day of the year to ensure you ALWAYS have the best loan for you, all year round.

Partners In Growing Your Wealth

At NBS Home Loans we look to optimise your loan over its life and alongside our financial planning partners, help you secure loans to build your wealth.

Whether building a property portfolio, paying off your home loan sooner, securing loans for other things or building your business.

We are here for you.  Whatever your need.  

Things Changing?

As Life Changes Needs Change.  We Understand.

Business Loans

Easy business finance for the self-employed.  Business loans for small and medium business in Australia.

Home Loans

The Bank said ‘no’?  We may say yes.  Home Loans to suit EVERY Australian and Australian families.

Asset Loans

Loan solutions for the self-employed in Business for equipment, growth and cashflow.

Business Loans

Easy business finance for the self-employed.  Business loans for small and medium business in Australia.

Home Loans

The Bank said ‘no’?  We may say yes.  Home Loans to suit EVERY Australian and Australian families.

Asset Loans

Loan solutions for the self-employed in Business for equipment, growth and cashflow.

A Refreshing New Change In Home Loans

A refreshing change in the Mortgage broking space providing straight-forward Home Loan, Commercial Loan and Personal Loan solutions.

NBS Home Loans is an independent company acting as a loan broker to Australians nationally, based in Seven Hills, Sydney.

NBS Home Loans cut through the bull$%&@; we deal with you in plain speak, not bank speak.  And we demystify bank speak for you.  With extensive experience in banks as a manager and loans officer, Martin Walmsley is the expert you need to secure your home, business or personal loan.

  • We have 20+ years Industry experience in the Australian Financial Sector
  • We will come to you! (even after hours and weekends)
  • We actively manage your loan application right through to settlement so you have access to our expertise, advice and help throughout the entire loan process whether your loan is for a home loan, an asset loan or a business loan.  In fact, whatever loan you are applying for.

















Martin Walmsley, CEO, JP


Years Of






Our Mission is to demystify bank speak and turn it in to plain speak = No BS!

Plain speak is people speak; information about loans explained simply.

NBS Home Loans brokers explain things in ways that people understand, that do not confuse and that ensure every customer is informed about all aspects of their loan for peace of mind.

OurNo BS” approach means that our brokers work hand in hand with you to ensure a smooth and easy process when applying for finance from choosing the right loan right through to settlement.

We are not guided by commissions and will offer the most appropriate solution to meet your lending requirements.

NBS Home Loans are a fully accredited Finance Broker and Credit Adviser with the MFAA (The Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia) and are a full ongoing member of the organisation.

Our Approach

We don’t discriminate.  ALL Australians are respected and welcome at NBS Home Loans.  Whatever your cultural background, your gender, your social status, your sexuality, we just deal with the facts, the figures, take the stress out of your loan process, advise, support, act and secure the perfect loan for your dream home, dream asset, business financing; whatever loan you require.

Loans For The Self-Employed In Business

NBS Home Loans are THE expert in the loans market to help entrepreneurs in business secure loans both personally and professionally.  All too often the self-employed have a ‘bank says no’ experience.  Let us help you review your finances, your options and explore the opportunities you have to secure the loan you need.


We Know You Have QUESTIONS

One of THE most frustrating experiences of seeking a loan with a bank is the loans officer and their ‘bank speak’.  Their technical terms that bedazzle and confuse you.  In the end, you have no idea what was said, what it all means and where you stand.  We support and guide and act on your behalf through the entire loans process and beyond.  WE ARE NOT DRIVEN BY COMMISSIONS and we seek relationships that last through the length and life of your loan.  We are with you every step of the way, guiding and recalibrating your loan to ensure you ALWAYS have the best loan, no matter what phase of the loan and what phase of life you are living.

Our Services

Working For You To Secure The Loan You Need

Asset Loans

  • We have access to over 70 funders
  • We understand that there is a loan out there for everybody; for any ABN/ACN holders
  • We have the relationships to obtain asset loans and business loans
  • We do not maximise our income by increasing the interest or established fees to keep your costs low; we do not gouge or pad rates and fees to maximise our income
  • Need a new truck, a new coffee machine, a new computer, a new fleet?  Whatever your asset loans needs we can find a loan to suit every Australian business

Home Loans

  • NBS Home Loans will say yes to taking on a case in most cases
  • Ultimately NBS Home Loans job to find a bank that will say yes
  • If you don’t qualify today, NBS Home Loans will work with you to make sure you qualify in the future to get the ‘yes’ you need
  • We are able to place most people if the client has income and minimum deposit we are usually able to place them in the loan that is right for them
  • No matter who you are, where you come from, we will work with you to win the best loan for you.

Business Loans

  • We have access to over 70 lenders 
  • We have 10 years of business lending experience
  • We have relationships where we have directly partnered with experts at the major banks and work hand in hand with them from idea to settlement
  • We can help you grow your business with a loan to suit your business needs
  • We work with small, medium and large businesses across Australia and we give each one our undivided and equal attention in commitment, service, effort and expertise

Bank Speak – Making It Understandable and Accessible and Ending The Frustration

What is bank-speak and why is it an issue?

  • Bank speak or bank jargon are the layman’s terms descriptors for bank staff automatically starting to speak another ‘language’, using words not commonly known to the general public such as LVR or abbreviated terms such as DTI.
  • Bank loans officers use this jargon in conversation leaving the customer confused and ill-informed.
  • Some customers just trust their advisor to do the right thing; bank loans officers are not necessarily driven to sell in their clients’ best interest but more arguably for the banks’ best interest.
  • People assume sitting in front of a Bank Loans Officer that they will look after you as if they are your friend.  Nope.
  • Half of the bank lenders around do not own a house and half have never been through the transaction from the client’s point of view.

What are the impacts on bank-speak and do people constantly sign loans they do not understand and get into trouble?

  • More than half the time.
  • People get locked into a product or the wrong product for them.
  • People end up paying too much for a product because they were bamboozled by an introductory rate that ‘sounded good’
  • People did not consider the fees and charges associated.
  • People often “land” in a loan product not flexible to their needs later on and that does not grow with them.

The Bank Said “NO!”

What can you do when you face “loan declined”.

The Bank said NO; What do I do now?

  • Talk to Martin or another of our expert, caring lenders.
  • Banks aren’t your only option.
  • What is bad for one bank does not necessarily mean it is bad for another.
  • Every bank has its own niche.
  • Every bank has a unique risk appetite and your need may just match that bank’s appetite.


NBS Home Loans Offers Loans for EVERYONE!

Does someone’s cultural background, financial circumstances, sexual preference, gender identity or religious beliefs influence which clients NBS Home Loans deal with?

  • Definitely not!
  • We do not discriminate in any way.
Marty Walmsley

CEO, NBS Home Loans

Why Choose A Finance Broker?

Our NBS Home Loans Team

Making Bank Speak Your Speak

Marty Walmsley

Marty Walmsley


Nehal Trivedi

Nehal Trivedi


Beth Watts

Beth Watts

Client Manager

Liz Laird

Liz Laird

Administration Manager

Ready to Go?

Marty is ready to speak with you regarding the best loan that suits your needs.

Why Choose NBS Home Loans?

The Finance Brokers Making Bank Speak People Speak

Managing The Process

We hold your hand and guide you through the entire loans process.

Answering Your Questions

We will help you understand everything so you are well informed and empowered.


Managing Your Loan

However life changes for you and your finances, we will change with you, adapting your loan to be the best, always.

Asset Loans

We can advise and broker loans for you to increase your property portfolio and acquire assets for your business.

Financial Planning

We have professional relationships with the best financial planners for you.

Property Market Knowledge

We have a sound knowledge of the property market and expert partnerships with buyers agents, solicitors and real estates.


Helping Young Australians

We can help you begin your investment portfolio providing you have the capacity to pay.

Mitigating Bad Credit

Depending on what has caused the bad credit there may be a solution available through a non-mainstream lender we have access to.

Happy NBS Home Loans Customers

NBS Home Loans, working alongside you in life for the lifespan of your loan.

When we thought it was going to be impossible to refinance and change titles, Marty made it happen! After several attempts to do so with other inexperienced brokers over the last few years, Marty had the extensive knowledge that was needed to assist us in refinancing. We had been turned away or told that no banks would "touch us", he worked tirelessly with us to get us across the line. We had bad credit, are self employed and up to our eye balls in debt. It felt like forever, but that is how it is when you are desperate! We are due to settle after almost 3 months of Marty's hard work mitigating with the bank. He painted a picture for them and showed how we were able to make payments but was just always late due to our own clients not paying on time. Because of his dedication and 100% transparency, we are able to start again on a clean slate. We highly recommend him, as his time and dedication to our refinance has changed our lives!


Siriwang Chang

I hightly recommend NBS Home Loans. NBS Home Loans helped me immensely restructed my home loan and obtained a new loan for my investment property. Martin is very professional and approachable. Always try his best o find the best deal for his clients. He is always there to help and always return my email and phone calls. I would recommend NBS to anyone who is looking for either home or investment loans. Martin delivers what he promised.


Autumn Liu

Why Should You Consider A Financial Broker?

    • Because seeing one person to find the right product is better than seeing ten
    • Time-saving expert across banks – inside knowledge 
    • Brokers do not get paid unless loan settles HUGE POINT whereas bank lenders are not so invested as they get paid anyway

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