Ask A Finance Broker – Facebook Group

NBS Home Loans is excited to announce the launch of our ‘Ask a Finance Broker’ Facebook group!

Ask a Finance Broker is a free platform where you can ask a finance-related question and get a fast, obligation-free response from a qualified expert.

In addition to a Finance Broker, the group is also home to an Accountant, Solicitor, Financial Advisor and Real Estate agent, all of whom are ready to answer your burning questions, share useful information and tips, and help point you in the right direction.

Whether you are considering entering the property market, expanding your portfolio, growing your business, downsizing, or would simply like to keep your finger on the pulse, this group is for you.

Please join us for free by clicking here, and we’d love for you to help spread the word by inviting your family, friends, and colleagues to join us!

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